We are partners with cloud based on-premise CRM solutions. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce for sales, customer service, field service, marketing, extending to talent acquisition, financial operations, retail, project service automation and BI.


Lower TOC

Today, organizations need coordinated frameworks and solutions, equipped for quick changing strategies and processes. However, ERP systems being used are costly and delayed in adjusting to the rapidly changing business needs. They fail to manage a lot of information inside and outside the enterprise and are unequipped for giving constant real-time analytics for better decision making.

  1. Never miss a business opportunity when core systems and solutions are agile.
  2. Increase employee efficiency with automation within the enterprise.
  3. Reduced business loss due to availability of real-time data.
  4. Newest Technology with lower TOC means never losing competitive edge.

ORACLE – Next Level HR

Oracle presented chatbots in its mobile offering in 2017, it is now taking our customers to the next level with its Digital Assistant. The Digital Assistant enables organizations to create a number of functionally specific chatbots, which Oracle calls “skills,” that offer mastery in a specific subject area. Oracle Digital Assistant handles the navigation across those individual skills to deliver a consistent client experience.

We have built a chatbot solution built on the Oracle platform to support Oracle SaaS HCM companies. We have addressed many issues by offering a menu of services, by recognizing the user’s language, and offered the menu in those supported dialects.

Salesforce for business - Codecafe - Image Copyright Salesforce.com



Today's businesses require one solution to manage sales—from first client contact to successful contract/ sale/ deal closing—to enable client managing teams to work together. These teams again need a solution that provides meticulousness and analytical insights to assist them move from sales administration to sales fulfillment.

  1. Improve process productivity through automation
  2. Leverage standard functionalities to address business issues
  3. Make enhancements based on team feedback



SAP S/4HANA can transform all critical enterprise functions from finance and supply chain to customer support and marketing. It empowers organizations and execute, break down and foresee continuously in increasingly unpredictable environments.


Value-driven, insight-led business case and roadmap development by Codecafe IT to accelerate the transition to SAP S/4HANA.


Transformation to SAP S/4HANA: proven methodologies, resources and capabilities to help clients from beginning to the end of journey.


Codecafe is one of SAP leading business partners, working end-to-end from product innovation, to development and delivery of SAP S/4HANA industry solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Unified data, Predictive Insights

Deliver positive customer experiences—faster.

Optimise resources and help technicians be more efficient with reduced operational costs.


Take actions that drive your business in Sales & Marketing, Inventory Management, Finance, Supply-chain, Manufacturing, Predictive Analysis, HR, Payroll and eCommerce.


Move from reactive to predictive operations. Automate and simplify your manufacturing and supply chain management. Maximise the life of your assets.

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