Real world applications sprung from shared, immutable, transparent ledger technologies enable enterprises to recreate the market across providers, purchasers and new contestants.



Our solid connections and cross-ecosystem skill permit us to flawlessly incorporate with your current enterprise programming and cloud administrations. We'll survey your objectives and assess blockchain's application and business effect to assist you define and organize your change.

Complex usage management, 3rd party integration and custom coding guarantees every arrangement fits inside existing frameworks to satisfy future need.

Remain focused on the master plan while we handle the activity of your new blockchain systems and environments utilizing our demonstrated functional mastery.



We arm you with the right tools to lead the eventual growth of your business. The first challenge is recognizing the correct business issue and afterward connecting it across industry. We start with a comprehension of your requirements, trailed by a real-time utilization of blockchain. The discussion develops as new open-doors become visible in the process of implementation.

We offer thorough set-up of end-to-end blockchain services from consultation, implementation, integration, to realization and future maintenance. We assist customers with their blockchain venture dependent on development and innovation.

We have created diversified products, administration empowered solutions and process accelerators in different sectors – monetary services, security, supply chains, and public driven organizations. These instruments are developed to assist you with testing plans of action and are not simply constrained to testing innovation.



"Resource transfer among platforms keeping up all properties for uniqueness and state. Reliably keeping up an information component on at least two DLT frameworks ensures Full Data Transparency"


  1. Upgraded operational efficiencies in multi-party information exchange
  2. Improved tracking influencing risks, errors and disputes
  3. Potential income stream by means of new services fueled by analytics

Digital Identity

Structured KYC, background checks and streamlined records in Training, Healthcare and Ownership.

Supply Chain

With transparency in data, biometric enabled payments, connect consumers and producers in complex supply chains.

Financial Services

Purchase order and invoice for a transaction is verified on blockchain resulting in fewer errors and reduced disputes.




Client Overview

Morris Lubricants

One of the largest privately owned manufacturers of premium quality lubricants in Europe, with 150 years of experience in the industry and a reputation worldwide for excellent quality and service.


Stock information is checked by IoT devices and sent to the analytics engine, which utilizes this data to predict sales. 

ONE: Avoid Loss of sales/revenue due to wrong stock information

TWO: Find incorrect data for better negotiations and risk management

  1. IoT Layer to gather and monitor Inventory data progressively
  2. Analytics layer for computing stock data to make predictive models for foreseeing sales and optimizing price
  3. Blockchain layer for transparency and trust in distributed network of stakeholders


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