Allowing machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn. AI will start a new era of disruption and productivity and human ingenuity is enhanced by speed and efficiency.

Enterprise Data Exchange

Secure data analysis through Privacy Preserving Computation (PPC) allows processing without ever seeing the data.

Early Financial Warnings

Generate alerts on potential changes in the economy way before the leading indicators like GDP are published.

Isolate Data-set Patterns

Valuable patterns between transaction data and new data-sets analyzed for accurate predictions.



Organizations are transforming real-world restrictions by leveraging Analytics, Machine Learning, Process Automation (PA) and AI to transform themselves into a data driven intelligent enterprise. AI applications link directly to projected returns that make ROI calculations straightforward. A Crusher Plant, for example, investing in an AI-powered predictive maintenance tool, can directly increase equipment up-time & reduce maintenance costs.

Review the change implementation that Codecafe can bring to your Organization. With our unique consultation model and talent acquisition we ensure consistency and continuous contribution to achieving organizational objectives.

Discovering areas of improvement and automation, we help you select from a pre-built array of cognitive solutions like Sentiment Analysis, Image Analytics, Chatbot frameworks, comprehensive HR, finance and health care solutions and other apps to work for you. 

We offer a custom AI platform build for clients to enable quick AI and scale adoption.


AI - CoE

  • AI and automation consulting across evaluation and maturity assessment, use case discovery, creating business case and organizing change management.
  • Custom AI platform build for clients to enable quick AI and scale adoption.
  • Pre-built cognitive solutions like Sentiment Analysis, Image Analytics, Chatbot frameworks, comprehensive HR, finance, health care solutions and other apps to work for you.
  • Delivering rapid results by setting up a services ecosystem, bringing in operational excellence, automation and deployment models, to implementing use cases.

Identify, Analyze & Automate

Big Learning

We have analyzed over 2 Years of scalable data in just 2 months using a scalable data model with RDBMS, to understand future requirements and growth in application life-cycle.

Through Automation, we have helped businesses deliver reduction in manual data entry substantially, in addition to elimination of data errors due to data quality checks.


Search & Content

Uncover data, allowing cross-functional users to find, analyze and unlock more value from unstructured content.

NLP Systems

Business Chatbots and Virtual assistants, Sentiment Analysis and Market Intelligence, Natural resources exploration.




Client Overview


FlytBase provides drone agnostic software solutions to automate and scale drone operations. World’s first Internet of Drones Platform (IoD), that allows easy deployment of intelligent drone fleets, connected with cloud-based business applications.


Forestry client requested flytbase to apply AI to drone footage of a portion of their land to look for unusual and useful patterns.

OUTPUT: Identify and analyze drone images to reveal patches with low or zero tree density which helps study Revenue impact.


We calculated the potential yield gains the company could make by using AI to identify these spaces.

70% Positive impact to revenue per hectare of forest while 90% applying the model to larger tracts of land.


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