Rapidly create new business models, products, and services by mastering new technologies to enable innovation that is better and faster than the competition.



It’s the start of a decade where digital technology is needed to be embedded in every aspect of companies, governments, and society.

Enterprise-wide tech transformation through rapid innovation. We provide powerful capabilities that can be tailored to your most complex business needs. We help clients continuously innovate at speed and at scale so they can outrun their competition.

Review the value that Codecafe can bring to your Agile transformation journey. Participate in a discussion to uncover capabilities and the potential path to create value for your enterprise. Realize the ability to deliver.

Discover your current IT and business environment, associated problem statements and identify real opportunities for value creation through adoption of Agile practices. Experience the road-map to implementation beforehand.



Increase IT agility "in the now", and evolve the core to a state of global-standard IT agility where an organization’s technology and people create industry-leading innovation at scale without technical hiccups—"in the future".

Our approach to enterprise agility helps clients drive Agile adoption in an integrated way, taking a holistic view of the value chain, guided by Lean principles. We help you make the changes systemically through rapid iterations, enabled by automation and software.

We have applied these techniques to over 100 major organizations, empowering them to execute their strategies more efficiently and effectively than before.

Unlock Efficiency

Enterprise Agility

Overcome the challenges of constant market change. Be agile to spot the change and detect opportunities fast, introduce products on demand, recreate business processes, and business models. 

Only way for you to be able to boost enterprise agility is by continuously improving your innovation cycles and supporting them with new technologies.

Amplify Potential

Global Frameworks, Suites, Plugins, Advisory & Delivery Ecosystem

Deliver Better

Certified Agile Professionals, Expert Developers, CI-CD Experts, Decoupling Legacy IT




Client Overview

inteliLIGHT ®

The largest Smart Street Light Manufacturer in Romania, operates a global network of ~100 sales, production and service companies; Producing hardware in power line communication, RF and GSM.


Auto-scaling architecture with migration of on-premise applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to support

ONE: 25 micro web services & 16 Large Scale Applications

TWO: Build, test and release automation across platforms for 1000s of users.


Deploy automated pipelines on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, provide support for Amazon PaaS, Docker, Kubernetes.

Reduction in Provisioning time due to Automation : from 30 Hours to 10 Minutes

Target Speed of daily production deployment speed : 4 Minutes


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